We can't get around on Long Island without our cars and trucks! Gus' Wheel Alignment has an expert staff that have been servicing vehicles for over 61 years. Our mechanics take pride in their work and do their best to solve the problem in a timely manner to extend the life of your vehicle and get your car or truck back on the road.



Brake maintenance is important for your safety, friction from your vehicles brakes functioning can cause heat and dust. As the brake pads wear brake performance diminishes and the heat can ultimately damage your brakes. Normally brake system and fluids are checked each time your vehicle has an oil change. Normal stop and go driving can wear your brakes - excessive dirt and gravel driving conditions can also take a toll on your brakes.

BRAKE MAINTENANCE TIP: Check your brake fluid, it should be checked every time that the motor oil is changed, every 3,000-5,000 miles. You need to make sure the brake fluid is good and that it is at the appropriate level. Leaving contaminated brake fluid alone destroys your master cylinder in the brake system.


We are here to provide expert car servicing to keep you and your family safe, address problems before they arise and extend the life of your car. It is best to keep a log in your vehicle stating dates of service and what maintainence that was provided.

CAR SERVICE TIP: Have your car’s wheel alignment checked every 30,000 miles, or as recommended in your owner’s manual. Also have it checked after buying new tires and when you replace a rack-and-pinion steering unit or other steering parts. Improper tire alignment will shorten the life of your tires as well as cause poor handling. If your steering is stiffer than normal or the vehicle pulls to one side, you probably have an alignment problem.


Since 1953, our focus has been providing central Long Island with great tire and alignment service. Not only do we concentrate on tires and alignment, but we specialize in altered suspensions and lifted trucks for increased performance and ground clearance to modify your truck to a beefy, bad boy (or girl) look.

TIRE TIP: Check tire pressures and adjust at least once a month. The leading cause of tire failure is underinflation. Pressure drops each month and fluctuates during varying temperatures. Underinflation has immediate effects on vehicle handling, but its potential impact on overall safety and tire life are even greater. It results in premature and uneven tread wear on the outer edges increasing stress on the carcass itself, which can lead to structural failures such as tread separation. That's why it is imperative to check and adjust tire pressure at least once a month and before every long trip

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